Being Different

Think creative & being different take challenges to do something creative.

Breaking The Rules

Break the rules of impossible. Make Impossible to I'm possible.

Product Quality

No compromise with quality. Always trust in quallity first.

About Bornona Group

In 2019, Bornona Group started it's journey as a private company. Which is now offering you affordable domain & web hosting, Online Skill development, Complete IT service & custom Graphic Design service. The domain registered on 15th October 2019. On that time Bornona Group provides graphic designs & the team runs a YouTube channel named Dark-Blue Oxygen. In December 2019 Bornona Group launched an e-Commerce platfrom Oxygen's Gallery.

In March 2020 during the period of pandemic Bornona Group closed Oxygen's Gallery & Dark-Blue Oxygen. In 28 March 2020 Bornona Group launched a complete free of cost online educational platform Mentors School. Where students can develop their skills completely free of cost. Mentors School arranged a lot of online campaigns for the students. In December 2021 Bornona Group acquired online news portal Morning Press. Which is permanently closed in August 2022.

In October 2021 Bornona Group launched their social media BongoTalk.  Which is permanently closed in August 2022. In November 2021 Bornona Group thinks to turn into business & launched web hosting with website development company In January 2022 Bornona Group decided to expand their business then launched BlightHost. BlightHost acquired & started providing Affordable Domain & Web hosting with Website development & Digital Marketing. In May 2022 Bornona Group launched OTT Website Video Nen. Which will be closed on May 2023. In 2018 Borona Group started Domain Bari, to make the process of business staring easier.

It was difficult to providing IT Services under web hosting company so Bornona Group separated their platforms. Bornona Group rebranded their IT Solution Service as Ovinobo IT. Bornona Group rebranded their Graphic Design service as Bahari Design.

Everything starts with the Customers

Read some messages & thinking from the Management Team of Bornona Group

Shajid Ahmed Co-Founder

Bornona Group always try to do creative things & we loved to build techy sections. Because of Bornona Group is owned & directed by young generation. We believe in creativity & our slogan is that, Bornona Group is a community of creative people. I feel very lucky that people appreciate us to continue our work. This is my big achievement that people are loving an 18 year boy's work. I hope everyone will give this support all-time.

Luise Momento Advisor

Our mission is to help our clients achieve growth through marketing and sales. We seek to unify the marketing and sales journey to deliver a more remarkable

Hasibul Hasan Cheif Management Officer

It's looks like a dream to build a company & products at a very young age. All the time I thought building a company is very easy but when we started our journey I realize it's too much difficult. Funding is the biggest problem for a company & young agers. But with the grace of Almighty Allah we are doing a lot of projects with facing many issues. We all need your love & support.

    Our Values

    We focus on this values, because we work from heart & passion. These motivates us to grow on.

    We aim for good.

    We focus on quality.

    We believe in hard work.

    Be passionate.

    Follow us to inspire.

    Our clients